Followers here surely love words and some may enjoy cryptic crosswords.

Every month, members of the Australian Crossword Club vote for their favourite clue. The winning clue for November was written by Illywhacker in his maiden puzzle:

Drawers where shoes are found (10)

Answer and explanation at the bottom of this post.

The Australian Crossword Club has been teasing and tantalising members with crosswords and quizzes since 1990. All puzzles are set by members of the club and there are  prizes of cash and/or books for successful solvers.

You can view past copies of the club’s monthly magazine Crozworld back to June 2000 on the website.

I have been a member since the early 90s and have compiled a few crosswords with varying levels of skill. I’m getting better.

And the answer to the clue?


A nice pun. Drawers are underpants. And shoes are found under pants.